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This is where it all started. A simple web site is generated using basic Hyper Text Markup Language, or HTML. It is the foundation language that all browsers employ to display a web page.

While HTML has grown in sophistication over the years there are many limitations to what it can do. As a result, very few web developers work with it directly, prefering instead to use third-party programs to write the code as they develop the site's layout and interactive systems. Most if not all of today's sites integrate HTML with other browser-friendly languages like JavaScript and style sheets to make for greater flexibility, but the sites are still "static" in that they offer very little in the way of interactivity.

All that aside, the biggest disadvantage to a static site is updating it. Because a new HTML file has to be generated for each page, the moment a new page is inserted for the site, the menu structure on every one of the existing pages has to be updated manually. This can turn out to be a real problem if not done correctly or if the site contains hundreds of pages.

If you want a site to display a few pages of information about your business and allow visitors to contact you, then a static site is all you really need. However, if you require something a little more sophisticated, this option will probably not work for you. A Flat File site or a Content Management System may be better options.

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