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"I'm gonna launch a web site
an' it's gonna do this
an' it's gonna do that
an' I'm gonna make
lots an' lots o' money!"

Hold on a second! I think you'd better curb your enthusiasm before you start thinking you're going to be the next Bill Gates. The truth is that even though it's been around for almost two decades, very few people have figured out how to "monitize" their web presence. Other than the porn industry, such popular sites like YouTube or Facebook are in fact money losers! The reality is that the only people who have made money from those hugely popular sites are the original owners who sold them to the big companies like Google. Sure... they walked away with gazillions of dollars, but those big companies are now trimming staff and cutting costs.

Now, there's another issue. - Staff - Even if you want to get a web site up and running that's as popular as YouTube, are you personally prepared to invest the huge amount of money required for software developers, network security, bandwidth etc.? Are you really going to know when to sell it before it becomes yesterday's news?

My point is: if you really want a web site for your business, keep your expectations realistic. A web site to promote your business or service will give you a lot more mileage than one that is essentially an experimental stab at "the next big thing".

Let me be clear here: far be it from me to discourage people from experimentation or research and development. If you have the knowledge and resources to work on developing the "next big thing" then by all means - have at it. But if all you really want to do is promote a product or service, you don't need all the costly bells and whistles to do so.

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