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Browser wars, cyber attacks, viruses... little wonder that the internet can sometimes resemble a war zone. But, if you were to take some time learning how to work within it first before you launch your new web site, you can avoid many of these problems before they crop up. In fact, with a little bit of research you can even learn how to manage your site from your own computer without needing to call your web developer every time you want to just change some text or swap out photos.

All the information you need is available to you on-line and the nice part about it is that it's all free! You can't argue with that price. The truth of the matter is that everything you see on your screen right now as you surf through this site has been created by me, and I learned everything I needed to know from information I gathered at various web sites.

Now... I understand that not everyone is going to want to become a webmaster when all they are trying to do is promote their business or market their products or services. But the point is, even if you were to take some time to learn a little bit about the basics, you can eventually learn how to take as much control over your web site as you feel comfortable with doing. You will also be able to make better, more informed choices when you require your webmaster's assistance.

It's important to understand that making the wrong choices for your web site can end up being very costly. Damage to your site (and your business) could be something as benign as paying for a web site that does nothing to enhance your business' web presence, to having your more sophisticated site completely destroyed because it's database has been hacked due to lax security. The latter can result in the loss of your entire web site. I'm not kidding... it's happened to me.

Like anything in life, the internet comes with it's own set of risks and rewards. Informed decisions can mitigate the risks while enhancing the rewards.

I encourage you to read some of my other articles regarding web design and hopefully you will come away with a bit more knowledge before you decide what you want your web site to do. And while you're at it, definitely check out the links pages. I hope to provide you with a wealth of knowledge so you can develop strong working relationships with your web site's visitors.

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