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Logos... you see them every day everywhere you go. Chances are when someone mentions the word "McDonalds" the first thing that comes to mind is the "Golden Arches". That's the sign of a successful logo. All the big companies use them and they make sure they're placed everywhere. They know that the more people see their logo, the more their company will be perceived as stable and successful.

You can say a lot from several blocks away or in a customer's hand with just one well-placed simple image - your logo.

Unfortunately, far too many small business owners don't acknowledge the value of a well designed logo, or they think it's too expensive to have one designed. But when it comes to their marketing and advertising, they'll have one "clip-art" design on a print ad in the local newspaper, another design on the shop window and yet another "clip art" design on their business card (and/or their brochures). This leaves customers confused because they don't know whether they're dealing with the same company from one day to the next.

A well-designed logo keeps everything tied together, ensuring that your advertising and marketing delivers a clear and consistent message.

So, before you open your doors or hang your shingle - before you shout out to the world "We're here!" - you should be absolutely certain that you have the right image that can speak volumes about you and your business with simplicity and clarity.

All that... with one simple design...

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