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"You never get a second chance
to make a first impression."

The first impression your business presents to the public is your logo. When designed and employed properly, a logo can make your entire business recognizable with just a glance. As essential first steps to designing your logo, I employ research and extensive consultation with you to ensure a unique presentation while incorporating elements and colours that are important to you. Whether they see it in a newspaper or on a billboard, people will readily associate your logo with your business.

The final design file is easily transferable to any number of formats including signs, literature, television and newspaper ads as well as your web site, creating consistent messaging in all of your advertising and marketing endeavours.

New logo design:
A new logo is usually called for when the client is either looking to redefine their public messaging or launching a new business. After consultation, the designer provides the client with an agreed-upon number of optional designs to choose from. Once a selection is made from the first drafts, the client and designer make refinements to the design until a logo is created that reflects the client's intended messaging. The resulting design is one the client will use for years to come in all their visual arts applications. From business cards, letterheads and envelopes to signage banners and billboards, their design ensures clarity and consistency in every application.
Tracing an existing design:
There are many time where a business may have lost track of the original artwork file for their logo. Tracing the design is done by scanning artwork provided by the client (usually their business card or letterhead) and tracing it in a high quality vector program. Results can vary depending on several factors but most notably the quality of the scanned original artwork. The better the quality of the source image, the better the quality of the finished product. Every effort is made to ensure that the final product will be as close to an exact match as possible, resulting in much sharper imagery and colours.

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