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July 2, 2009

"Oh No!"
"Business is down!"
"Gotta cut back!"
"Kill the advertising budget!"...

Big mistake!

How the heck is anyone going to know you're there if you don't tell them??? Maybe we should be taking a lesson from the "big guys". At the writing of this article, General Motors is in the middle of bankruptcy protection.

General Motors? Bankrupt? Who'da thunk it?

But, have they stopped their advertising? No! In fact, they continue to advertise even as they close up shops and factories around the world.

Why would they do that when they're in debt up to their necks? Obviously, they know something about the public that a lot of smaller business people just don't seem to understand. The truth is that the public has a very short memory when it comes to advertising. What resonates one day, becomes passé the next. Not only that, but if you are placing ads on a regular basis and then for whatever reason decide to stop, the damage has been done. The public perception is that you are either unstable at best or no longer in business.

For the survival of your business, it's vital that you continue to reach your audience regularly and often despite the economic climate. With the advent of the internet, there are plenty of places for small businesses to "strut their stuff" and lead people to their front door. They're usually FREE so all you need do is take the time to use them.

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