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I've had many different types of web sites over the years but this one is really unique, both in terms of how it's constructed and it's content.

On the construction side of things, this is what's called a "flat file" site. Instead of each page being one complete file of HTML, this site uses several different components to build the pages. This enhances the site's flexibility and makes updating it a lot easier than a regular "static site". Everything from the menus to the header, footer and page content are separate files that each page "calls" to display. When a page or section is added, changing the menus to add or remove links to the new page is done in one file and takes effect across all the pages that "call" it.

But it doesn't stop there!

The site also has "administrator" priviledges that allow for text and image updates online. This gives site owners the ability to update or correct text and images directly without the need for a web developer to do it. I will include some screen shots of this function when time permits. You can even add photos to an automated gallery! Just upload your photos to the appropriate folder and let the web site take care of the rest!

A key component to this site is the integration of scripts from various sources that I've found freely available on the internet, which I then customized to integrate with the graphics, colours etc. All of these features can be used on your site too! In fact, they can be integrated into some existing sites.

Eventually, there will be a whole host of different articles and ideas presented along with some interactive features that will allow you to leave comments or post your own ideas. There will also be demonstration pages to show how various features can work within a "flat file" system. These feature pages will contain links to the sites where the scripts were found after they have been tested and posted by me.

In addition, you will find articles that I've written containing some important information regarding the choices you will have to make when developing the necessary tools for promoting your business, regardless of size or budget. I will be updating those articles as needed, but all of them will be kept for your future reference. You can find those articles listed on the "articles" page or in the cascading menu at the top of every page.

It's my hope that you will find this site to be a useful source of information and connections. Additionally, if you have any ideas you'd like to see here, please use the contact form and send me an email. I'd really like to hear from you!

Dave T

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